Episode 1 | May 2023


"Tradition has a lot to offer when it comes to sustainable fashion; but it's not just about using old techniques and materials – it's also about rethinking our approach to design, production, and consumption. That's what we'll be exploring in future episodes of  this podcast." - Fern Lippert

Fern Lippert

Fern Lippert has established herself as both a voice and an authority in sustainable fashion tech; from fashion classrooms to brand boardrooms. For over fifteen years, she’s helped the likes of ModCloth,  and PrAna win awards and set precedents in the industry. Now, she turns her eye onto a future of fashion that’s defined by tradition. Returning to the roots that define every piece of fashion we create, Fern shines a light on a pathway forward that includes going back in her new podcast, "Threads of Tradition".

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