Episode 2 | June 2023

How Buying Quality Saves Cash and the Planet

"my approach to clothing ... [is] to try to buy once and buy well [which] is still common in many European countries. It's an old fashioned American way of thinking, but still common elsewhere in the world. ...simply trying to consume and create as little waste as possible, which other parts of the world are much better at than we are in the west [today]." - Kristen Fanarakis

Kristen Fanarakis

Founder of Senza Tempo Fashion, based in downtown Los Angeles. Before launching Senza Tempo, Kristen spent 13 years working on Wall Street and contributed skills to a financial policy think tank. Frustrated by the fast fashion trend and declining quality of traditional luxury brands, Kristen decided to launch Senza Tempo, drawing inspiration from the old-fashioned values that once governed the fashion industry. She advocates for responsible fashion practices and aims to create a positive impact on the industry.

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