Thread Studio | Courses

Cost: $40.00 per person

This series of short tutorials, activities and discussions, focus on enriching your connection with your wardrobe and sustainable at-home practices.

Suitable for anyone interested to learn more about clothing and the practices that make a positive impact on our wellbeing and the world's.

Essential Sewing

Coming Soon

This course provides the foundation you need to embark on a rewarding sewing journey. Whether you dream of a handmade wardrobe or personalized home decor, this course is your gateway to sewing with confidence.

Suitable for all ages and people that can safely operate a sewing machine. 

Innovative Upcycling

Coming Soon

This course will guide you through the intricate process of upcycling using state-of-the-art technologies, providing hands-on experience with real-life examples that showcase the magic of merging traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge advancements. 

Open to participants of all ages with a penchant for creativity and a basic understanding of 3D fashion software tools.

Tradition Meets Tech 

Coming Soon

This is a collection of courses that extend from the, "Threads of Tradition" podcast episodes. These courses share knowledge on traditional textile and garment techniques from around the world and the proceeds go towards the support of their communities. Each course will include the history and how to recreate these techniques in 3D. 

Suitable for designers with intermediate to advanced 3D abilities. 

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